Website Design
About This Project

The Challenge

When Argeela Lounge opened its doors it wanted to bring the luxury of Dubai to Birmingham city and offer something which isn’t already here.

Guests stepping through the entrance of Argeela Lounge are met with sparkling walls covered in fibre-optic lights. Look up, and more lights recreate the twinkling night sky above you.

At Squibble Ltd. it was our job to ensure the website matched up with their high standards and glamorous restaurant styling.

The Strategy

Our web design team focused on projecting the lavish experience onto the user’s screen and in the palm of their hand with a mobile responsive website.

This coupled with clear instructions to really showcase the restaurant’s atmosphere resulted in a dark and mysterious website that truly catches the users imagination.

The Results

The responsive website went live in 2015 and is regularly updated with gallery photos, party event details, yummy offers and fabulous testimonials. A great hub to promote their restaurant.