The Whole Package (Design)

We create bold and bright packaging designs that effortlessly take the fight for consumer attention to retail shelves. Even amongst the busiest of aisles, our designs are built to stop customers in their tracks – elbowing their way through the cluttered, crowded market place to communicate a brand identity in an instant.

Our Process

1. We’ll sit down with you over steaming cup of joe to pick through your business, your product and the things that make your product different – a must have, an essential buy – an item that should be chosen over and above all others.

2. Our team will gather around the board table to throw ideas back and forth – to develop and discuss the best approach and to debate just how we can connect the consumer with your brand, through the wizardry of packaging design.

3. At this stage, our ideas are firming up – but before we decide on a definite direction they will be storyboards, colour swatches and plenty of sketches.

4. Finally, once we’re completely and utterly convinced of a winning direction, we’ll take to our workstations – crafting potential packaging and putting all of our research together through a series of designs – pixel by pixel our designs will develop, more vivid and beautiful with each iteration.

5. Under the watchful eye of creative director Kim, a design will emerge that will be presented to you – the majority of clients greet this with a whoop and a question as to when they’ll be set to go. On the odd occasion we’re given feedback for developing the design further to achieve absolute packaging perfection.

Lets Work Together

Give Squibble a call on 0121 448 4776 or send us a few bits of info so we can contact you.

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