Beyond Beautiful Design – App Design

We design and build apps for success – for ideas, transformed into valuable business assets – connecting users, with brand, target markets, with businesses.

Alongside entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors we work – building made-to-measure apps that provide genuine value – with functionality and features that make lives easier, interactions more streamlined and business-to-consumer relationships all the more profitable.

Our Process

1. We begin with the user

We start with those who’ll flock to download your app – we’ll discover the behaviours, cares and concerns that can influence the shape of the solution we develop. Only from this running-start can we then get to know your business and your ideas for the way in which your app should connect with users we’ve come to know well.

2. We evolve, advance and develop – prototype after prototype, test after test

We explore and validate ideas by testing and re-testing – going on to develop and re-develop prototypes. We turn on a dime and rapidly react as feedback is received – from users, stakeholders and the market at-large. With an ear to the ground and a team of talented software developers, our solutions are only presented to you once we’ve laid solid groundwork and fully established an app that’s going to be invaluable for your business.

3. We listen. Then we go back to developing (testing and prototyping)

This is your idea – and we take the time to fully grasp your vision. We’ll ask the right questions, and gain answers that will help us move back to developing and testing your app onwards to success.

4. We launch on the app marketplace take to the skies

After what may be months of iterative development – fine tuning an effective solution that will do your business justice and prove genuinely useful for your user, we’ll be there (by your side) for the launch. And beyond the technicalities that may be required during this time, we go plenty of strides further to provide you with advice that offers a supercharged launch pad for your app.

Ready to get cracking?

We think you’re going to love what we do.

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